Speaking and Preaching

It’s strange and hard and beautiful when life takes unexpected turns and you find yourself offering and agreeing to do things that didn’t really seem on the radar just a few years before.  I have received a few emails over the months asking whether I do any kind of public speaking or workshops or guest preaching.  And, well… I do.

I am located in the Boston area and am committed to sustainability and the use of public transportation.  If you are outside Boston Public Transportation (T/Bus/Commuter rail) we can work something out.

For ANY engagements please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page!  If you are unable to see the form please click here.

Guest Preaching

If you’re interested in having me join you on a Sunday morning please contact me.  I am immensely more familiar with Unitarian Universalism but if you’re from another denomination go ahead and contact me and we’ll chat!

Speaking Gigs and Workshops

  • Want me to speak at your event?  Awesome!  I can do that!  Use the form at the top of the page and please provide as much information as possible about the event.  Fees vary, sliding scale available
  • I am trained through The Trevor Project to lead their Lifeguard workshops.  The Trevor Project operates our nation’s only 24/7 LGBTQ youth suicide prevention lifeline.  I facilitate workshops on bullying and suicide prevention, LGBTQ youth inclusion, and tailor each workshop to the individual needs of the group I am presenting to.  These workshops are great for any age – I have presented to 7-year-olds up through adults of all ages.  I facilitate Lifeguard Workshops for free.  I do ask to be compensated for travel and expenses.  Donations to The Trevor Project are always welcome!
  • If you are interested in a different kind of workshop please let me know.  I have some “set” workshops that I’ve done multiple times (Occupy/Protest Chaplains, Queer History, Trans Identity 101) and I’m happy to work with you on developing other workshops on other topics.  $100-$150 per hour + expenses, sliding scale.

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