Who is this “Andy” person, anyway?

Andy is a recent college graduate living in New England. When not engaged in queer activism Andy spends a lot of time kayaking, reading, and trying to change the world with a combination of twitter, church, and positive thinking while trying to figure out just exactly how ministry in the Unitarian Universalist faith tradition will work into all of that.


My email address is andyleighcoate-at-gmail-dot-com

7 Responses to “Who is this “Andy” person, anyway?”

  1. Thanks for your honest comments!

  2. Thank you, Christine.

    I’m wondering if you meant to respond to a different blog post, though? I’m not sure what honest comments I made in my bio!

  3. I wish you had an RSS feed button/link.

  4. I’m a long time UU and my son is a UU minister just starting his ministry. If you’d like to discuss ministry, we’d be happy to do it with you. I loved the cupcake post — that’s what got me here


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