Let’s Hold a Revival

Let’s find a field in the middle of nowhere.  Preferably in a “flyover” state.  Maybe somewhere in the Midwest just to really mess with our “northerner” sensibilities.   Let’s find a field and let’s pitch a tent.  And maybe put up a little stage, but that’s totally optional.  Let’s make sure we can have bon fires, though.  Those aren’t optional.

Let’s invite the best and the most passionate of the “up and coming” folks in our denomination to come and preach.  Let’s make sure we arrange for folks to be able to carpool and let’s bring tents.  We all own tents now, after OccupyEverywhereInTheFreakingUS.  So let’s break out those tents again and let’s camp.  Let’s be alive in our faith without worrying that we look silly or ridiculous or too passionate.

Let’s hold a revival.

I’m thinking August 2013.

Who’s in?


2 Comments to “Let’s Hold a Revival”

  1. I love revivals! I preached at one First UU Little Rock held a few years ago (I was the preacher they brought in from out of town you speak of 🙂 ). So with the understanding that I’m totally in, can I make an early suggestion? Flyover country is freakin’ hot in August, like crazy hot, which might make it not the best time/place combo. Just a thought.

  2. Not all of flyover country is crazy hot. At a few of the places I”m looking we’re talking averages of 82 for July/August.

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