Periodic Table of (Liturgical) Elements

Many, many thanks to my buddies in the UU Young Adult Growth Lab for their fun and fabulous contributions.









This is a JOKE, people.  It’s not perfect.  There are probably typos.  It’s horrifically mistitled.  It is a joke.  Just take it for what it is, ok?


5 Comments to “Periodic Table of (Liturgical) Elements”

  1. This is a ILIB I Like It But… the classification of Story For All Ages as filler. For that matter, meditation as filler. According to neurobiologists story is essential to the brain development and redevelopment that goes on throughout our lives. Stories that don’t tie to the theme can be filler, but story can also be a strong element of a good coordinated message. Even when it misses, including all members of the community is essential to a healthy body.

    I know that meditation does not feed some people, but for others it is the main reason they come to services. And, I know that there are some that think that there doesn’t need to be a separate meditation. That’s what the sermon is for.

    It’s funny. I liked it. I’m going to share it with the members of the OMD Young Adult Ministry Team.

    • For the record I don’t actually think that “academic achievements” are unworthy of mention at Joys and Concerns. Heck, I stood up at my last congregation and announced when I graduated from college.

      And the reason I named that section filler in the end? Because “in-extractable elements” didn’t fit in the box.

  2. I should have figured I didn’t understand the label. After all, Coffee Hour is in the same category, isn’t it?

  3. I love this. Wish I could make one of my own, but it wouldn’t be to the same effect… 🙂

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