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May 9, 2010


I love nature. I don’t quite love it as much as some of the students at my school do. Or perhaps I love it in very different ways. Regardless, I do love nature. As a kid I loved laying on the beaches of southern California for hours upon hours, alternating between reading and swimming out to cool off. Here on campus I love going and laying on the dock, really any time of day. Sunrise and sunset are two of my favorites, but 2pm on those really hot days at the end of spring term work well, too. I think I always need to live near a big body of water. Water grounds me. I love it.

Last year I spent a whole month waking up early and watching the sun rise. It wasn’t always with a willing and grateful heart, and sometimes I went right back to sleep afterward. But most of the time I felt more refreshed and happy than if I’d gotten an extra few hours of sleep. Think about how totally crazy the sun is.

It’s a flaming ball of incandescent gas, that’s upon thousands of miles away, that has SO much mass that it has a gravitational pull that yanks hard enough on the ENTIRE earth to keep us spinning around it. And the earth, meanwhile, is orbiting also on it’s own axis so only half the earth is seeing the sun at one time. And then this little rock, also thousands of miles out, is orbiting US, yanking on our oceans and such, giving us tides. I mean… WHAT?

Sometimes I think I just love nature because I’m a geek.