…the unexpected

I don’t really like the unexpected. I don’t like it more than the average person doesn’t like it. I have a hard time dealing with change.

This is not good considering I graduate from college in a few weeks.

I mean, let’s talk about changes.

So I am, of course, looking for ways to extend the 20 years of September-June education I have already completed. Auditing classes! Grad school! Underwater Basket Weaving! Anything!

I’m looking at grad schools. I found an amazing program. My mind is screaming “APPLY! APPLY! APPLY! THEY HAVE ROLLING ADMISSIONS! APPLY!” Logically, though, I know I need to be out of school for awhile. At least for a year. I need to step back, realize that I don’t have to be a perpetual student.

But ohhhh is it tempting. It’s new and interesting and SO not me and SO tempting.

I should go to bed.


One Comment to “…the unexpected”

  1. I say you should do what you feel. Be the optimist, but at the same time, be the realist. You'll make the best decision in the end, the one that is right for you. 🙂

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