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May 7, 2010

…the unexpected

I don’t really like the unexpected. I don’t like it more than the average person doesn’t like it. I have a hard time dealing with change.

This is not good considering I graduate from college in a few weeks.

I mean, let’s talk about changes.

So I am, of course, looking for ways to extend the 20 years of September-June education I have already completed. Auditing classes! Grad school! Underwater Basket Weaving! Anything!

I’m looking at grad schools. I found an amazing program. My mind is screaming “APPLY! APPLY! APPLY! THEY HAVE ROLLING ADMISSIONS! APPLY!” Logically, though, I know I need to be out of school for awhile. At least for a year. I need to step back, realize that I don’t have to be a perpetual student.

But ohhhh is it tempting. It’s new and interesting and SO not me and SO tempting.

I should go to bed.